How to stop sinning by reading the Bible

How to stop sinning by reading the Bible

Can we stop sinning just by reading the Bible? The short answer is “YES,” but there are conditions that every Christian needs to know. So, get your Bible out and let’s get started.

One of the methods that we’re supposed to be using to control sin in our lives is knowing the truth. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free John 8:31-32.

John 8:31-32
31 Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. 32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” NKJV

Notice that knowing the truth is what makes us free. That’s something that the truth does. Our job is to abide (remain) in it until we know it. According to 1 Thessalonians 2:13, the Word of God will work on the inside of those who believe it. In other words, it will sanctify us, or make us holy all by itself.

John 17:17
17 Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth. NKJV

So, the first two conditions we need to know is that we have to abide (remain) in it until we know it, and the second one is that we have to believe it. If we remain in the Word of God until we know it, being careful to believe it, then we will be set free.

Set free from what? For that we would need to read on down from John 8:31-32 above.

John 8:33-35
33 They answered Him, “We are Abraham’s descendants, and have never been in bondage to anyone. How can You say, ‘You will be made free’?” 34 Jesus answered them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sin is a slave of sin. 35 And a slave does not abide in the house forever, but a son abides forever. NKJV

Knowing the truth will set us free from being a slave to sin (verse 34-35 above). We were all born under sin’s control according to Romans 3:9, but knowing the truth will set us free from being a slave to sin. Consequently, for the first time in our lives we would have the ability to choose to obey or to continue in sin.

Romans 6:15-18
15 What then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? Certainly not! 16 Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are that one’s slaves whom you obey, whether of sin leading to death, or of obedience leading to righteousness? 17 But God be thanked that though you were slaves of sin, yet you obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine to which you were delivered. 18 And having been set free from sin, you became slaves of righteousness. NKJV

So, being set free from sin doesn’t mean that we will never sin again, but it gives us the freedom to choose, praise God hallelujah! At this point, if we decide to stop sinning then we would need to learn how to choose God’s way out of temptation.

1 Corinthians 10:13
13 No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it. NKJV

This is the place where all Christians should be because notice that a slave to sin does not remain in the house forever according to John 8:35 above. He is in the house (in the Kingdom of Christ, Ephesians 2:6-8, Colossians 1:121-3), but that is no guarantee that he will remain there.

The guarantee that he will remain is dependent on him hearing and believing the Gospel.

Ephesians 1:13-14
In Him you also trusted, after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, [14] who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory. NKJV

The Gospel contains a whole lot more than what you’ve probably heard in church or Christian media. Please watch my YouTube video “Gospel verses that we don’t preach” so that you will know what is in the Gospel because millions of Christians today have been deceived into believe that the “get saved, and get in a good church” message is the Gospel, but that’s far from the truth.

The video above explains much more about this subject and how it happens according to the scriptures. If you have any questions, please ask. However, if you do not believe the Word of God, I cannot help you. Farewell


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