14 Ways to Control Sin according to scripture

For Christians, who actually believe God’s Word, there are 14 ways to control, and stop sin. Write these scriptures down, and decide today if you really believe God, or if resist the truth, like those who have a corrupt mind according to 2 Timothy 3:8. It’s far better to repent, and ask God for forgiveness, than to boldly stand in the pulpit and oppose God.

The Word of God will work in the lives of those who believe the scriptures just like they are written in the Holy Bible, according to 1 Thessalonians 2:13, but nothing is possible for those who do not believe God (James 1:4-6).

May the Lord have mercy on all of us, and open the hearts and minds of all who watch this video, to heed the scriptures.

The Romans 7 Excuse

Many Christians have learned to use Romans 7:14-20 as an excuse, because that’s how we preach it this day and age, as if the Apostle Paul NEVER kept the faith (2 Timothy 4:7-8), but kept on doing what he didn’t want to do, his whole life. However, in the book of Romans itself, there are 4 ways that every Christian is supposed to be using in order to be set free from sin’s control, but we’re not preaching those methods either.

Romans 7:14-20 should be used to identify what the problem is, if we stop practicing the good we want to do, or cannot bring ourselves to do it. At that point, we should realize that indwelling sin is controlling us according to Romans 7:14, and verse 20.

Why would indwelling sin be controlling a believer? It could be that we have not died with Christ through our baptism (Romans 6:7), or we haven’t become a slave to righteousness, by obeying the doctrine yet, according to Romans 6:17-18, or we haven’t died to the laws that came through Moses yet, according to Romans 7:4-6, or we are not serving God in our mind yet (Romans 7:25), by walking in the Spirit, according to Romans 8:12-14 yet. By doing those things we can, and will be set free from sin’s control, and therefore, we would have the ability to do the good we want to do, assuming we want to do good.

Many don’t want to do good, to the point of becoming slaves of righteousness (Romans 6:18), and so they will continue to use Romans 7 as an excuse to continue in sin all their life, but it doesn’t have to happen to you. May the Lord have mercy on all of us.

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