I want church!

I want to be the church.
I want to be the church; the body of Christ. And I want to meet with others who want the same. I want to hear the Word of God, like it is written. If I wanted to hear men talk about whatever, I would play golf on Sunday mornings.


I want to gather with the church where it’s not all about money. I want to meet believers who accept what is written in the Bible regardless if they don’t live up to it. I want to find Christians who know the meaning of religion (James 1:27), rather than believing it’s a bad word. I want to find those who have the love of God in their hearts; not just in their mouths (James 2 14-17, 1 John 3:16-19). I want church!

I’m Alan Ballou; a servant. If the Bible says it, I believe it. However, if it’s not in the Bible tell it to someone who doesn’t test everything (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

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